About Cymbidiums

Cymbidiums are a genus of the orchid family consisting of just 50 to 60 species. They were first discovered in 1815. Today there are many thousands of hybrids.


The species are found mostly in the Asian area including the following countries: India, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Borneo.  Australia also has three species that are native: Cym canaliculatum, Cym suave and Cym madidum. These are located on the east coast and northern parts of Australia.


Cymbidiums prefer a cold to intermediate climate. The plants can survive a mild frost to temperatures well into the forty centigrade range. They are the easiest of orchids to grow in the Perth area.


Plants are grass like growers. They are sympodial with leaf lengths up to one metre long. Flower stems can reach up to one metre tall and can be upright to pendulous. Plants flower usually from the latest pseudobulb. Flower size can vary from one centimetre to thirteen centimetres and the number of flowers on a stem can be from one to fifty. Usually the smaller the flower the more flowers on a stem.


Most cymbidium flowers are not fragrant but there are a couple of species heavily perfumed.  Flowering time can start in late summer and go until late spring. Most plants flower from mid-winter to spring. Most plants flower only once a year but there are some that will flower several times. These usually are the type that starts flowering in late summer.


Flower colour includes white, green, pink, red, yellow, orange, brown, black and shades in-between. Flowers usually last two to three months.


Cymbidium plants need, in summer, a temperature range of 13ÂșC between day and night to initiate flower stems. Without this temperature differential, plants will continue to grow well but not flower.

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